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Exact12, 8xM12, 5-pole, moulded cable

5.0m PUR 16x0.5+3x1.0, UL/CSA
Artikkelnummer: 8099-88510-4520500
Vekt: 1.06 kg
Opprinnelsesland:  DE
Listepris per stykk:


5.0 m
8-way, 5-pole
ATEX Zone 2 and 22
Further cable lengths on request.
Plastic housings with good resistance against chemicals and oils.
The resistance to aggressive media should be individually tested for your application. Further details on request.

Technical Data
Operating voltage 24 V DC
Operating current per contact max. 4 A
Locking of ports Screw thread (M12×1 mm)
Protection IP65/IP67
Housing Plastic, flame retardant
General data
Temperature range -20...+70 °C, depending on cable quality
Cable identification 452
Approval (cable) cRUus (AWM style 20549/10042); CE compliant
Cable weight [g/m] 231 g
Material wire Cu wire, bare
Resistor (core) max. 39 Ω/km (0.5 mm²); max. 20 Ω/km (1.0 mm²); (20 °C)
Single wire Ø (core) 0.1 mm
Construction (core) 64× 0.1 mm (0.5 mm²), 128× 0.1 mm (1.0 mm²); (multi-strand wire class 6)
Diameter (core) 16× 0.5 + 3× 1.0 mm²
AWG similar to AWG 20 (0.5 mm²); similar to AWG 17 (1.0 mm²)
Material wire isolation TPE-E
Shore hardness (wire isolation) 55 ±3 D
Wire-Ø incl. isolation 1.6 mm ±5% (0.5 mm²); 2.1 mm ±5% (1.0 mm²)
Material jacket PUR
Material property (jacket) CFC-, halogen-, cadmium-, silicone- and lead-free, matt, low-adhesion, machine easy to process, abrasion-resistant, hydrolysis and microbial resistant
Shore hardness (jacket) 94 ±5 A
Outer-Ø (jacket) 11.5 mm ±5%
Color jacket gray
chemical resistance good resistance to oil, gasoline and chemicals
thermal resistance flame retardand UL 1581 Section 1090 (H), CSA FT2 / IEC 60332-2-2
Nominal voltage 300/300 V AC
Test voltage 2000 V AC
Current load capacity to DIN VDE 0298-4
Temperature range (mobile) -20...+90 °C
Bend radius (moving) 10× outer Ø
No. of bending cycles (C-track) max. 5 Mio.
Traversing distance (C-track) max. 5 m (horizontal)
Travel speed (C-track) max. 2 m/s
Acceleration (C-track) max. 5 m/s²
Contact Layout
PIN 1 (+)
PIN 2 (NC)/(S2)
PIN 3 (-)
PIN 4 (NO)/(S1)
PIN 5 (Earth)
LED (green): Power / LED (yellow): (S1) / LED (white): Signal (S2)
Product article number of manufacturer 8099-88510-4520500

ECLASS-6.0 27143423
ECLASS-6.1 27279219
ECLASS-7.0 27279219
ECLASS-8.0 27279219
ECLASS-9.0 27440108
ECLASS-10.1 27440108
ECLASS-11.1 27440108
ECLASS-12.0 27440108
ETIM-5.0 EC001855
EAN 4048879655620
Pakkestørrelse 1
Tolltariffnummer 85444290

Data om artikkel
  • Last ned Datablad
  • Last ned 8099-88510-452xxxx_EPS16ATEX1085X_atx_z_a.pdf
  • Last ned Approval: UL Listed CA 8099-88510-4520500_E201820_NRAQ7_ulc_z_a.pdf
  • Last ned Approval: UL Listed US 8099-88510-4520500_E201820_NRAQ_ul_z_a.pdf
  • Last ned Construction files: DXF 8000-88410-4473000_dxf_x_a.zip
  • Last ned Construction files: STP 8000-88410-4473000_stp_x_a.zip
  • Last ned Document: Installation guide 8099-84510-4480300_ina_x_11.zip
  • Last ned Information: Certificate of conformity Murrelektronik GmbH 06-02-23_(3) China RoHS 2 25EEP_DoC_z_a.pdf
  • Last ned Information: Certificate of conformity Murrelektronik GmbH 09-11-20_(3) RoHS REACh exception 6c 7cI_DoC_z_a.pdf
  • Last ned Information: Certificate of conformity Murrelektronik GmbH 20-10-21_(1) California Prop65 No Warning_DoC_z_b.pdf
  • Last ned Information: Certificate of conformity UKCA 8099-88510-452xxxx_07-05.17_uk_z_a.pdf
  • Last ned Information: EU declaration of conformity 8099-88510-4520500_07-05.17atx_ce_z_a.pdf
  • Last ned Information: MTTF Report 8099-88510-4520500_SN29500(40°C)-Berechnung_mttf_p_a.pdf
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