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E-Stop 22 2NC M12(4)  69050
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E-Stop 22 2NC M12(4)

Art.No.: 69050
Weight: 0.039 kg
Country of origin:  HU
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E-Stop 22 2NC M12(4)
Mounting hole 22,3 mm
Connection M12 (4-pin)

Mechanical protection
UL Enclosure Type Rating (Front side) type 4X
Mechanical endurance 50000
Mechanical endurance B10 65000
Operating life B10d 845000
Electrical data
Short-circuit current 1000 A
Short circuit protective device (SCPD) fuse 250 V / 0.1 A / 1.5 kA gG quick
Switching current 1...100 mA
Rated voltage UL 60947 ≤ 30 V AC/DC
Switching voltage 1...35 V
Power rating (voltage dependent) 0,25 W
Rated surge voltage 2500 V
Rated insulation voltage 250 V
Ambient characteristics
Salt-spray resistance IEC 60068-2-11
Installation height max. (ASL) ≤ 2000 m
Relative humidity ≤ 93% @ 40 °C
storage temperature -40...90 °C
operating temperature -40...85 °C
Mechanical data
Grid min. 30 mm
Mounting hole 22,3 mm
Mounting depth 30,1 mm
Dimensions H×W×D 30 x 29,8 x 69,7 mm
Terminal M12, 4-pole, A-coded
Fixing Threaded ring
Contact material Gold
Contact function 2 Ö
Housing Plastic
Product article number of manufacturer 69050
Degree of protection (IP, EN 60529, front side) IP65
Degree of protection (IP, EN 60529, rear side) IP65, IP67
Rated operating voltage (AC-15) 35 V
Rated operating voltage (DC-13) 35 V
Mechanical data
Installation height 39,6 mm
Mechanical data
Can be illuminated no
Shape collar round
Color red
Color collar yellow
Actuating function latching

ECLASS-6.1 27371244
ECLASS-7.0 27371244
ECLASS-8.0 27371244
ECLASS-9.0 27371244
ECLASS-10.1 27371244
ECLASS-11.1 27371244
ECLASS-12.0 27371244
customs tariff number 85365011
EAN 4065909019221
Packaging unit 1

Data Regarding Article:
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  • Download Approval: UL Registered CA 69050_E479949-NISD8_urc_z_a.pdf
  • Download Approval: UL Registered US 69050_E479949-NISD2_ur_z_a.pdf
  • Download Certificate: TÜV  69050_B0318910008-17.09.2025_tuev_z_a.pdf
  • Download Construction files: DXF
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  • Download Document: Installation guide
  • Download Document: Product data
  • Download Information: Certificate of conformity Murrelektronik GmbH 15-12-20_(1) China RoHS 2 e_DoC_z_b.pdf
  • Download Information: Certificate of conformity Murrelektronik GmbH 14-11-20_(5) RoHS REACh no exception_DoC_z_a.pdf
  • Download Information: Certificate of conformity UKCA 69050_06-12.20_uk_z_a.pdf
  • Download Information: EU declaration of conformity 69050_06-12.20_ce_z_a.pdf

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